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It’s almost an hour later when I take one last trip into the dining room to put away the placemats. Flynn’s phone is still on the table. I scoop it up and take it down to Mom’s office. But when I look in, she’s the only one there.

“Where’s Flynn?”

Mom looks up, her attention still half on the papers in front of her. “He left awhile ago. Just looked at his watch, said he had to go, and rushed out.” She shakes her head, amused. “That’s Flynn.”

“Well, he left this.” I hold up the phone.

“Oh, he’ll be missing that. Would you call his house and tell him it’s here?”

“Sure.” I call him from the phone in the kitchen so I don’t disturb Mom any more. I’m expecting his voice mail so when Flynn actually answers I’m not ready, and he jumps in ahead of me.

“Hey, Sadina, I think I forgot my phone. Have you seen it?”

“That’s why I was calling. It was on the table.”

“Do me a favor and make sure it’s off?”