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Whoever is outside her room can’t wait: the door swings open. It’s Sadina, her hair falling out of her ponytail and her face looking like it does when her basketball team is losing a game. She runs across the room, skids to a stop and falls to her knees in front of Maddie, grabbing her shoulders.

And Maddie—who hasn’t been able to talk to Sadina or Mom or Dad or anyone for so long—is finally able to let it all go.

“It was Flynn. He didn’t want me to tell anyone. He made me promise not to.” Maddie looks up at Sadina. “Is it okay to tell?”

In answer Sadina leans in to Maddie, forehead to forehead. Sadina’s eyes look wet, and she’s gripping Maddie’s shoulders so tightly it hurts.

“Yes. It’s okay. It’s exactly the right thing to do.”