Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Sadina

“This is ridiculous,” I say to Rio as we walk back toward the escalator.

“We got lucky,” says Rio at exactly the same time.

What’s ridiculous to me is that nobody has found a way to get Maddie to talk, and what’s lucky is that we didn’t just lose her for good. I could give Maddie the Mom-and-Dad lecture about paying attention and sticking with me, but right now isn’t the time: she’s walking silent but high on this happy ending, and I can’t bring myself to pull her back down.

Rio keeps glancing back at her too. Between the two of us we’re not going to lose her again. A lot of vigilance, a little late.

“We need a genius engineer like your mom to invent a way for Maddie to talk to us—without actually talking,” Rio says. “You know, like something that reads her thoughts and says them out loud.”

“Trust me, she’s looked into that. It exists, sort of.”