Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Sadina

“I was thinking,” I begin.

“Yeah, got that,” says Paulie, “from the way your forehead was all wrinkled up, like it hurt.”

I send a look his way that he ignores completely. But I’m not really mad. Paulie doesn’t irritate me quite as much as he used to.

We’re sitting on the steps of my front porch, waiting for Mrs. Walker to show up and get Rio, since he really is grounded and not supposed to go anywhere. She was okay with bending the rules and letting him come here to help keep my mom from getting arrested, but now he’s got to go home and do his own time.

It’s dark out, and a bit cold, but none of us—Rio and Paulie and Monica and me—seem to mind.

“This,” I start again, “is what I was thinking. Remember what Mrs. Weber said in class last week, when we were talking about Romeo and Juliet? Something about how maybe they could have made other choices, so things would have ended differently? You know, without dead bodies all around.”

Monica sees right away where I’m heading. “Right. So you think we might have had other choices too?”