Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Sadina

“I have proof.”

I’m standing in front of the police officers with Bella in my hands, blocking their way out my front door. One of them, the one with the low, calm voice, is holding my mother’s elbow, which makes me want to either scream or cry—I’m not sure which. He looks at me patiently, like I’m an irritation but he’s decided not to be mean about it.

“I have to ask you to step out of the way,” he says evenly, with a quick look at my dad that sends the message, it would be a good idea to move her.

“You have to listen,” I say. My voice cracks, and now it’s definite—the tears are going to win. “It’s all true. Maddie saw Flynn in our house. She said he broke in and took his phone out of my mom’s desk. The cat recorded everything Maddie said.”

As soon as those last words are out of my mouth, I realize how ridiculous they sound.