Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Maddie

“What happened the night you stopped talking?”

Maddie stands at her bedroom window, as far away from Bella as she can possibly get. She doesn’t want to turn around and face the question on the glowing blue screen that’s connected to Bella. Maddie knows the cat’s bright eyes are staring at her, waiting for an answer.

Outside the sunset is turning the edge of the sky a dusty pink. Pretty soon it will be dark. Too dark to pretend any more that she’s looking out the window.

It’s funny, for so long Maddie has wanted nothing more than to talk with Bella. Now it’s finally happening—but it isn’t turning out the way she imagined. Bella is making her think about things she wants to forget. It isn’t fair. For the first time she can remember, Maddie is mad at Bella. Mad enough to turn her back and ignore the cat who’s supposed to be her best friend.

But here’s the thing. If she stops talking to Bella, maybe Bella will stop talking to her.

The thought makes Maddie swallow hard.