Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Sadina

“You are so not worth it, Rio Walker!”

The classroom door opens with a rush and a bang and out flies Catalina. She strides straight toward me and Paulie and Monica, and I take a quick step back, because honestly she looks a little scary and I’m not sure what she intends to do. But then she looks up and I realize she doesn’t even know where she’s going. She turns her head so we can’t see her face and takes off down the hall in the opposite direction, her heels hitting the floor like two wild jackhammers.

We go into the classroom, where Rio is standing by a desk with shell-shocked eyes.

“How’d she take it?” asks Paulie.

Rio looks at him like that’s the stupidest question he’s ever heard. “Not so great.” He takes a breath. “That went even worse than I thought it would.”