Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Sadina

I don’t have to run too far.

Dad is still in the kitchen, and I go straight into his arms and lean against him in a way I haven’t done since I was ten. He hugs me tight for about two minutes, then takes me gently by the shoulders, settles me onto a chair at the kitchen table, and calls for Mom.

I spill out everything I can remember about the call.

Something changes in Mom while I talk. When she told me about the message on Flynn’s phone earlier this morning, she looked blindsided. Flynn stealing all that money: she never saw it coming. She seemed hurt, too, that he would risk their work and their friendship. But all that is being replaced by something else. Her soft brown eyes turn hard and glinting, making me think of polished wood.

“So you’re sure it was Flynn?” she asks. I can tell she’s making an effort to take this one step at a time.

“I’m sure.” I don’t want any of this to be true. I’ve seen Flynn with Maddie, including her in a story and smiling her way, even when she never gave him one word back.